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21 May
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6'1 red hair blue eyes
I am a Junior at Ben Davis High School. i am single in the most way i am looking at someone which i will keep hush hush. i have some piercings and a tattoo, I am in a band called We have been together about a year. We are a 5 piece band...i also sing for another band called Zero Effect...I love music, drawing and singing. i love metal and to rock out. i am down with about everything. something new is always something fun. well, that is me and thats about it want to know more IM me
311, 7 degrees from center, a perfect circle, acoustic, alabaster, alice in chains, aliens, art, big pants, bind, biohazard, black, black roses, blood, blue, cars, coal chamber, cold, dark places, darkness, deftones, dent, disturbed, dog fashion disco, drain sth, drawing, dyed hair, end of existence, falling, fallout, fear factory, fetishes, finger eleven, five pointe o, flank, football, forefront, freak, godforbid, godsmack, godtrip, gory movies, goth, haste, hatebreed, haveing a good time, incubus, jack off jill, jnco, jokes, kamel tow, kittie, korn, kottonmouth kings, leather, liecus, liquid gang, local music, long hair, long red hair, loud music, lust, manson, marilyn manson, metal, metal music, mindless self indulgence, mr. dna, mudvayne, music, my, my visors, nature, nine inch nails, nirvana, nonpiont, nothingface, old limp bizkit, orgy, otep, ozzy osbourne, p.o.d, pain, painting, pale skin, pantera, papa roach, paradox 44, parties, perfect nothing, play fighting, playing bass, playing drums, playing guitars, pod, poetry, powerman 5000, primer 55, prodigy, professional murder music, project 86, punk, pupil, rain, rammstein, raves, red, red hair, relative ash, render one, rob zombie, rock, roots, running, sepultera, sevendust, sex, singing, skateborading, slipknot, smiles, snake river conspiracy, snot, snow borading, soulfly, spikes, spineshank, splitshift, staind, static-x, steel trap, system of a down, tales from the crypt, talking on the phone, taproot, tod, tool, type o negative, vampires, video games, visors, white zombi, wicca, wine, writing, writing lyrics, writing music, you're pretty

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