Syco (sycomania) wrote,

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a screwed up night

This is Loni and I'm writing on Corey's page because there is this girl named JESSICA who is a stupid Bitch and thinks that she can talk shit about me online. Well first of all she made the statement that I'm scared of her and that isn't true because at the Emerson SHE WAS CRYING IN THE BATHROOM CAUSE SHE WAS SCARED!!!!!!! Second of all she said that i'm nasty but hey at least my eyes aren't fucked up. All I gotta say is that I'm not fuckin playin with a 15 year old CHILD. And if she reads this (which I hope she does) I want her to know that if she's got anything to say she can say it to my face at the next show!!!!And also her nasty cousin needs to quit talkin shit about Corey because he doesn't know who the fuck he's dealin with. I WILL FUCK BOTH OF THEIR WORLDS UP IF THEY DON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP. Basically it just all comes down to Jessica being a pussy ass cry baby who acts like she is 8 and fronts way tooooo much and I swear on my life I will hoe her ass right to the ground.So FUCK OFF BITCH.
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